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November 10, 2013 · 7:07 am

Please Help If You Can

The Philippine people are in a devastated condition at this time, and really need help from people who care.  Please forward this website to everyone that you can.

The super typhoon known in the Philippines as Yolanda, also named typhoon Haiyan, made landfall shortly before dawn on Friday.  Shattering cities and villages with gusts of wind that reached 379km/h (235 mph), with waves as high as 15m (45ft), bringing up to 400mm (15.75 inches) of rain in places.  This terrifying storm barreled through the city of Tacloban first, creating massive destruction to everything in it’s path, and taking many lives.  Yolanda’s path did not spare the already desperate and displaced people of Bohol who were already depressed by a massive 7.2 earthquake, which had just occurred less than a month earlier, October 15. Yolanda’s invincible winds have killed an already confirmed 1200 people, the death toll still rises, but it is not over.

When devastation like this occurs the storm is not over for the survivors. Homes are destroyed, Bridges and Roadways wiped out, Entire Crops are Ruined, Mudslide are rampant and Fishing becomes poor with the disorder in the sea and the destruction of fishing boats.  Many people don’t believe in the Philippine government, perhaps rightfully so, but there is no denying how much the government does need to produce to rebuild, and relief efforts are often short funded.

Please Help And Become the Rainbow After This Incredibly Tragic Storm.

Anything out of your generosity that you can spare, will help the many, many devastated people especially in Tacloban and through out the devastated towns and villages. This will help many people in the coming months after this incredible disaster.

These Links Can Also Be Found Under The Links To Donate Tab Above.

Below are More Links to further understand the Devastation in the Philippines

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World Vision -GIVE A GIFT- Philippine Disaster ReliefImage

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